In 2012, because of disabling pain in my neck, back and hands I had reached the point where normal day to day activities were impossible for me to do even opening and shutting doors was difficult. I couldn’t wash my hair, couldn’t swim and shopping and cooking where impossible. Thinking this was short term and as I had money saved I employed a carer paying $400 a week to ensure all essential daily activities, cooking, shopping cleaning at least were done.

Still in severe pain in June 2013 on hearing about ENAR from my doctor I decided to have treatment with Colleen. My Doctor wanted to see whether it
could help, as nothing else had. After 5 treatments over 2 weeks, the pain along with the swelling and inflammation were reduced so much so I could look after myself again and as long as I was careful could do most things including swimming – something which gives me a lot of pleasure.

This most remarkable result has held up to now, August 2016, but finding myself having to work full time again and the extra demands this has placed
on my system I find I need to purchase my own device to maintain a self treatment program to manage my tendency towards inflammatory RSI type conditions.

Eta, NSW. Age 54