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About ENAR

ENAR® Therapy as seen on A Current Affair

ENAR® Therapy System as featured on national prime time television program, A Current Affair. The ENAR Therapy System is a hand-held, battery operated, therapeutic medical device, for either therapist and/or personal use.

ENAR® for Personal Use

Many thousands of people use the ENAR as their personal therapy device treating a very wide variety of painful and difficult problems. In 2014 a RMIT University research study of 481 case studies was published in the medical research journal JEBCAM. All of these ENAR patient cases are self reported, and many are by ENAR personal home users.

ENAR® for Therapist Use

In the realm of holistic health care and electro energetic medicine, the ENAR is an important leader in this field demonstrating an unusual ability to achieve pain relief and rehabilitation goals very quickly. Two university research studies in Australia reveal significant, and usually sustained results with a variety of painful, dysfunctional problems.

Why and How is ENAR Different?

ENAR Is Interactive.

The ENAR device uses an interactive reflex response cycle or ‘Reflex-Biofeedback’ to prompt changes through the skin.

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