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InfraBed Medium Massage size

///InfraBed Medium Massage size
InfraBed Medium Massage size2018-09-01T14:26:50+00:00

The InfraBed Medium Massage Bed (150 cm x 60 cm) crystal Amethyst multi-layered thermal therapy bed/underlay is ideal size for massage beds and personal home bed users.. Your new InfraBed Medium boasts full power, time and temperature control, in a medium sized bundle including quilted and zip-up covers that is very popular. Combined with the new BioBlanket in their own carry/storage bags together with a massage table you have everything required in an easily transportable bundle of thermal and bio-energetic core activation therapeutic tools.

The Package

InfraBed Medium is a full strength infrared and thermal therapy set-up with a heavy duty time (1 – 3 – 8 hours) and temperature (20c to 70C) controller, together with a 100% Quality cotton fitted fully quilted Cover and a tailored zip-up fitted cotton Sheet.

Optional BioBlanket

Thermal Therapy is just one dimension of the InfraBed Therapy Underlay. Together with a third generation Energy BioBlanket (optional) you can multiply your therapy options by using your BioBlanket as 1 an Overlay to maximise Thermal Core Active, or 2 Reflective Bio-Feedback Passive Energy Therapy onto and into your body. Either way you have the BioEnergy Blanket Protecting the body from external emissions like EMF whist you utilise the InfraBed and BioBlanket therapy Cocoon.