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ENAR On Special Package of $990 in total, including 16 free Pads and Leads  (Value $90)  $990 + $20 total (incl Delivery Express Courier $20)- You will receive the new Green Light ENAR incl Full colour Manual, Training DVDs, + Ongoing, Free, Live, Phone, device and therapy advice. Ph Colleen and Paul   1300 305 107

ENAR Therapy System promotional pack device, leads and2 packs of adhesive sticky pads

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Every New ENAR Therapy System Device already includes

Mere HowTo dvds

Live Training Options

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INFRABED introductory Special Bundle – Buy your large InfraBed or Massage bed size InfraBed… and receive your 3rd Generation King Single BioBlanket included at half price. (Save $195)

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Get half price BIOBLANKET, + Covers & Bags
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The Energy BioBlanket is a multi layered reflective bio-energy blanket designed to protect from external influences and to reflect internally the body’s own energy back to the body in a form of passive bio-feedback. It also helps amplify the InfraBed’s thermal therapy by reflection and convection making a more uniform therapy.

BioBlanket ® incorporates Two distinctly different sides = (Yin + Yang)
made of 7 layers including back to back Reflective Foils
+ Bamboo Fleece externals + Quality Cotton zip-up Quilt/Sheet Cover
+ Negative Ions layer on the Yang side (labeled) with 4 Distinct Purposes

1 to help Protect the body by Deflecting away external energy influences
2 to help Balance the body’s multiple energies by establishing a Cocoon
3 to help Reflect back to the body its own energy output = BioFeedback
4 to help Raise Core Body Temperature and to Synergise with InfraBed®

SPECIAL BUNDLE OFFER – Pay Total of  $1660 incl GST for Large King Single InfraBed, and receive King Single BioBlanket and 3 Covers half-price $195    OR   Pay Total $1360 for Medium InfraBed,  and receive King Single BioBlanket and Covers Half Price $195

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