I began rehab knowing that this was, at the very best, a seven week injury with the medical staff post-operation warning that it could at worst be nine. I was contacted about a new technology that could possibly speed up the healing process and so I was obviously very keen. The ENAR was a very simply used device that seemed to find injured areas and all i need do was, while watching TV every night use the ENAR for approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. The two great things about this new device was that it was simple to use, and most importantly, I am sure it had me back in the game much faster than nature intended, just five weeks later. It was how great my knee felt when I did return that convinced me. I had no pain, and no swelling. The medical staff were shocked. I have my own ENAR now and I recommend sports people who hold weight in speedy recovery… just give it a try.
Russell Robertson, AFL Star Forward, Melbourne Demons

Dear Colleen,

I am writing to thank you and your colleagues for the training and ongoing support you provide for me with my ENAR.  This little easy to use device has changed my life so much. From a young age I suffered chronic pain in my back, abdomen, spine and neck, life was so painful and debilitating. Treatments often made things worse and became expensive.

I am constantly amazed at how different life is being pain free and when I overdo things I can usually shift or lessen the pain in 15-20 mins.

Your training session was brilliant and the best $…… I have ever spent on my health and wellbeing apart from the ENAR itself. I recommend it to everyone who has health issues or is looking to incorporate it in their healing work.

Words can’t express my gratitude and I’m sure I speak for many others like me who no longer live in fear from doing simple things in life and being able to come home from work each day not in agony. Being able to be a positive happy person has also had a huge impact on my family and friends too.

Jen Mildon, QLD
Ben’s Mum purchased her first ENAR in 2007, after rupturing a disc in her neck. Family members were soon treated regularly as the benefits of ENAR became overwhelmingly apparent. So far this year Ben participated in the Oxfam 100km trek with a group of friends and is now currently trekking from Kathmandu to Mount Everest. Using ENAR has been an essential part of his preparations, journeys, and recovery in these most challenging treks.
Ben Mutton, trekker extraordinaire
On 8th Feb, Ross, my Great Grandson, was born. The previous day Annalise, my Granddaughter, was induced at 3pm. I started treating her at 8pm doing the 3 pathways and 6 points on the face. Thanks to Colleen’s advice I also treated the forehead and chin, the reciprocal of the abdomen.These procedures helped with the contractions and helped her remain calm. Also by using the leads to manage the pain, it enabled Annalise to remain focussed and in control with her first baby. She was in full labour for 1hr and 5 mins and as you can see by the photos Annalise and baby Ross were relaxed after their journey.
Sue Mison, Ross Arrives - A birthing story
I sustained a fracture to my fifth right metacarpal, which resulted in surgery and sessions with a hand specialist. I had to take months off from training and when I again attempted to hit a tennis ball I couldn’t due to the pain I was feeling. By pure chance I met a trained therapist with both Scenar Pro and ENAR, and he administered ten minutes worth of treatment. Afterwards I was amazed to find that all of the movements with my hand that had produced pain and agony just ten minutes prior to the treatment weren’t doing so anymore. Even more astounding was the fact that next day I was able to hit a tennis ball with extremely minor levels of pain which have now totally disappeared. This was the best thing that could have happened at a time when I was ready to throw in the towel. I recommend this device to anyone. I think it’s a must for all athletes.
Daniel Vajdic, Tennis Pro – Back in the Game
I’m a Clearance Diver in the Royal Australian Navy. On Feb11th 2009, while diving on Sydney Harbour I was attacked by a shark and subsequently lost my right leg and hand. The initial loss of these limbs was painful to deal with, mentally and physically, but to add to the torment I had to deal with the pain of rehab, and the ongoing frustrations of phantom limb pains.

The ENAR treatment was surprisingly non invasive, and very quickly fast made a difference to my pain. I used the ENAR for 2 weeks straight every morning and every night and noticed a marked improvement in pain whilst walking with my prosthetic leg. Paul and Colleen at Enlightened Therapies introduced me to the self-adhesive electrode pads. The pads allowed me to treat any part of my body at any time. Putting the pads on when I go to bed actually minimises the phantom pains and this has allowed me to come off my medication earlier than the doctors thought necessary.

My girlfriend even treated a sprained ankle with the ENAR and now insists we take the ENAR with us whenever we go away. I still use my ENAR a lot as I constantly put my body through the wringer. I’m now back at work with the Navy. I have very minimal pain, and can walk now with only the slightest of limps.

Paul deGelder, Shark Attack Survivor
It was five years ago when the tingling started, and gradually the pain became worse and worse. You see I have frozen shoulders and turns out there was no known way to resolve my particular problem effectively. The multiple injections made very little difference. My shoulders were so sore I couldn’t lift anything and sleeping was a nightmare! The pain was so bad that day, the next step was to go to the hospital again. My husband Peter rang Enlightened Therapies for me. I went straight away to see Paul, who realising I was a basket case, gave me my first ENAR Therapy treatment himself. The pain relief was almost instant. After a long five years of growing pain and frustration with pain that wont quit – it was quite an a story.

Sallie Warde – Sydney
Sallie Warde, Five years of frozen shoulder
Hi Paul – just wanted to let you know,formally, how impressed I am with the ENAR device that I’ve purchased.

As a Builder, now Teacher, I have a legacy of my time in industry – the classic Builder’s Back. Recently, I suffered a particularly bad round of back pain and took up the offer of a SCENAR treatment by Rob Attkins. I went to Rob’s house hunched over and unable to straighten up without intense pain,and left totally pain free and with full range of movement in all directions! Since that day, I have purchased an ENAR and have been able to treat myself and my family for a range of maladies – everything from sports injuries, (we have two active teenage boys and I coach a soccer team), to reduced energy levels etc.

I cannot recommend this device/treatment highly enough and am convincing all those around me to give it a try. Thanks Paul, for bringing this technology to Australia – you are helping people that have, until now, lived in pain without this level of relief.

Mark Stanek, Builder's Back
After injuring my right ankle at training the team doctor diagnosed anywhere from 6-8 weeks of rest and physio before returning to full training. Twice more, after 3 weeks each time, I re-injured the ankle. Being a professional player it was vital for me to start playing again. I started using the ENAR Therapy device on advice from the team doctor. Within 2 weeks I had resumed full training and in week three, I played my first game in over two months. The best thing I found about the ENAR was the immediate pain relief. After using the ENAR on the painful area for 2-3 minutes it allowed me to complete strengthening exercises, which I could not previously, and it gave my ankle a full range of movement. I am really grateful. I can only sing its praises and I will recommend ENAR to anyone dealing with sports injuries and rehabilitation.
Damien Brown, Soccer Pro
Some years ago I had a period of intense lower back pain, spasms that were truly crippling, the spasms sending me instantly crashing to the floor. I spent thousands of dollars on treatments and I suffered constant pain for about three years.

I then brought the ENAR, I used it more on others than myself, and they gave me good feedback, however I was only half convinced of the ENAR power until I experienced two healings with this machine. On both these occasions I was in serious trouble. I suddenly remembered it, and gave myself some half-hearted treatments – in two days I was completely fit.

Months later I had another attack, this time I was more confident about this machine’s ability and gave myself better treatment, the following day I was pain free.

John Poole , QLD