ENAR Owners receive a thoroughly comprehensive full colour “HOW TO USE” Training Manual. Its been created to help ENAR Therapists, owners and users to get the most from their device. Theory and protocols, operational instructions, application techniques and core treatment options are all covered, as well as how to use the ENAR to support pain relief and recovery with the four major types of painful condition.

Within the booklet also, (in keeping with the included companion DVD: “ENAR Core Techniques training” and the ‘ACHE treatment strategy’) are covered these key areas

  • Fast Start Instructions
  • ENAR Approach to Therapy
  • Operational Settings and Instructions
  • How to use your ENAR and
  • ACHE treatment strategy protocols.
  • Trouble shooting guide
  • ENAR Extension Accessories
  • Point-Of-Pain Techniques
  • 3 Pathways and 6 Points
  • Neck Ring and Abdominal Techniques
  • Pain and Functional Assessment Charts
  • Use of the Energy Blanket