InfraBed Mini Pad 45cm x 45cm – Testimonial Post-Op Prostate

“My mini InfraBed has been a game-changer.

Recently, after having prostate cancer surgery, I found the prescribed pain medication was insufficient in managing my pain and post-operative symptoms.

Infrabed is the one thing that reduced the intensity and frequency of the pain, including providing relief in urinating. It is great.”

BG (Male 89) NSW

Kay Burman, ENAR Therapist Reports

My 86 yr old mum had the worst year last yearwith moving & selling house, hospital visits including surgery,  a divorce and then a horrible fall getting out of a 4WD, hitting her head on the road. The stress had really taken a toll on her mobility, mental function & general vitality. She complained of vertigo, pain when lying down (from a fractured rib), poor circulation in her legs, anxiety and always feeling cold. I treated her with the ENAR every second day focusing on the 3 pathways, then I used the ENAR electrode sticky pads on her rib cage, alternating with pads on her kidneys and legs. Mum still had that grey look about her,so I purchased theInfraBed Chair/Pod. She used the energy blanket for a few times with the InfraBed chair pod, then progressed to just using the Infrabed by itself every night for about 3-4 hours.  She just loves it!  Her colour has come back, her pain has gone, her circulation has improved, she is perky and now has energyfor her passion – weaving. 

I am continually amazed at what the ENAR can do and have seen first hand that the Infrabed actually works.  It has absolutely got my mum back on track for life.”

InfraBed Therapist Allen Simmons Reports

The InfraBed Mini Pad is really doing good things for me and my clients. The technology works. No, seriously, not since I purchased my first ENAR in 2007 have I come across a more valuable ‘tool’ to use to help myself and my clients with quality of life improvements. It is proving to be all I hoped it would. The mini pad is versatile. It is light. It is portable. It allows me to be location specific and monitor the results rather than having it as bed, or table size.  I have only had it two weeks but already I am reinventing treatment sessions to include it as a major part of my treatment protocols. Personally, I have noticed I am sleeping better and I haven’t slept well for 15 years!. My elderly clients are really loving it. Several have indicated the mini pad is something they could manage. My clients are making observations like:  That heat is so comforting. I feel calmer. My range of movement has increased significantly. My pain has not been so intense. I just feel better.

Manfred from Melbourne  writes     Hello Paul,
just a quick update on Mum’s progress with her INFRABED and Energy BioBlanket.
She has now been using it for the last 3 mths – on a daily basis. While she is not yet ready to enlist for the next “Big M” marathon – she, as well as I, are of the opinion that it has made a significant improvement to her condition.    

She is now in a lot less pain than what she was 3 mths ago. Her up time (ie. not having to lie down to relieve her chronic back pain) has increased significantly. It has even improved to the point that they are looking at a trip to the old country (Germany) in the next few weeks – fingers crossed.

I as well as my partner have tried the INFRABED ourselves and have found more energy and a quicker recovery from back pain, and the early stages of flu like symptoms, in the hours following this treatment.     Regards,   Manfred.