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About InfraBed

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How much does Infrabed Cost?

5 Sizes ~ 1st Quality, + 3 Year Warranty

Posture ~ Pillow ~ 45 x 45 cm $440 incl GST

Mini Square Pad ~ 45 x 45 cm $440 incl GST

Chair Pod ~ 94 x 45 cm $880 incl GST

Medium Massage Bed ~ 150 x 60 cm $1360 incl GST

King Single Bed ~ 194 x 80 cm $1660 incl GST

What does the InfraBed experience of  treatment feel like?

Far infrared is deeply penetrating and very comforting. People experience a rapid, comforting, nurturing, deeply warming and relaxing sensation, which promotes relief from muscle tension, joint stiffness, and pain relief. People report feeling better and moving better. Many people are so relaxed they can easily fall off to sleep. They may report a core feeling like they had been exercising, but without doing any exercise.

Hi Colleen and Paul.  As discussed earlier I just wanted to let you know how much value the Infrabed and bio blanket has added to my ENAR Therapy sessions.  In particular a client that I treated for bulging discs was extremely anxious on arrival as she had a young family to look after and was in a considerable amount of pain.  Following her ENAR therapy sessions of treating the point of pain, 6 pathways and 3 points my client rested on the infrabed and bio blanket for about 15 minutes with the sticky pads which i swapped over after about 7 minutes.  Her pain had reduced from an 8 right down to 3 and her mobility had improved where she could walk to the car unassisted.  My client reported feeling calm and rested and a general feeling of well being.  I now use the infrabed and bioblanket for most of my clients. :). Best wishes  Lisa

What are the InfraBed temperature ranges? The heat settings from 20-70 C can be adjusted from light and subtle to a higher heat by the use of the thermostatically controlled regulator. Typically sessions range from 35 C to 45 degrees C. For deeper detox and weight reduction sessions, and severe pain, you can increase the temperature up to 60 degrees + C. Then a “sauna type effect” can be induced above 60 degree C to 70 degree C, which produces a very deep and therapeutic but light sweat. This may be helpful in weight loss and detoxification. However the session times at these higher temperatures should be closely monitored and please ensure drinks of water before and after.

InfraBed session times?  Several hours on the much lower temperature ranges are fine. No more than one hour on the higher temperatures. It takes a while for the body to acclimatize so please begin working with your client on the lower  temperatures for a few sessions. “Start Low and Go Slow”

Should we use InfraBed before treatment or physical exercise? Definitely – It is most advantageous to warm up the muscles in the body using Far Infrared Energy Heat. Not just for improved blood circulation, which on it’s own promotes vasodilation, but it helps prepare the body for deep bodywork, manipulation, and exercise. It is also possible to do your treatment on the Infrabed on the lower temperature range of say 35-40 degrees C. The Infrabed medium massage size fits nicely onto a massage table. The Infrabed King Single fits well onto your normal sleeping beds.

By Whom can the InfraBed / BioBlanket be employed? Body workers, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Massage and Physio Therapists, Rolfers, Acupuncturists, Energy workers, Personal trainers, Beauty spas, Yoga and Meditation Instructors, Pain Relief practitioners, Body builders, Hypnotherapists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Nutritionists, plus Alternative Medicine specialists, and for all types of health and healing.

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