BioBlanket King Double ‘Cocoon’ 240 x 200

Built for any body desiring the complete “Coccoon” Experience – your King Double bed sized BioBlanket 2.4 x 2 metres is perfect for enfolding your entire body to create that complete energetic rejuvenating experience.

The first thing one subjectively feels when being wrapped in the big Double BioBlanket is complete and pleasant protection. External energetic influences are blocked and/or reflected away. Then one may be aware of subtle shifts as the blanket reflects back the body’s own infrared and ultra-hi frequencies. One may feel a period of warmth focused in a part of the body, that usually passes within minutes. One also may experience a sense of inner peace and quiet that leads towards a state of repose something like a meditation.

The 3rd Generation BioBlanket also features two distinct sides 1 a YIN Energy or cooler reflective side and 2 a YANG Energy or warmer reflective side where the extra carbon layer is made to generate Negative Ions. Both sides are fully Reflective and so any configuration of covering will give you a complete “Cocoon” effect.

It is recommended that one sleeps within the biggest BioBlanket folded completely around you and this may be from 10 minutes to a few hours. Usually, if the person sleeps completely covered from head to toe, folded under and over, one awakes with a definite sense of completion. Sometimes a short period from 10 to 90 minutes accomplishes this recovered integrated effect however very unwell people may wish to sleep in the blanket for 24 hours, plus.

If one is looking for an even more powerful effect then a smaller Mini Pad InfraBed or Chair Pod InfraBed may be utilised inside your BioBlanket Cocoon for additional Yang, positive infra-red and Amethyst crystal energy. As always keep your hydration up.