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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ENAR?

The ENAR is a hand-held (small phone size) nerve energy stimulator and regulator. The ENAR is an interactive therapy device for personal use, designed to correct nerve enervation response or firing, to promote pain relief, functional restoration and general health. ENAR is a trademarked name belonging to Enlightened Therapies Pty Ltd (Australia)

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How does ENAR work?

ENAR technology interactively stimulates the body working with Reflex Bio-feedback to find and treat ‘Asymmetries’ or key-points. These are signs of difference that indicate nerve energy problems associated with injury, pathology and disease.

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How does it feel?

As the ENAR device is moved over the surface of the skin a tingling sensation is felt. In cases of severe pain or acute conditions, the sensatiions may be stronger. Power level is then adjusted to suit the person’s sensitivity.  Patients often report that they experience an almost immediate reduction in pain and often express that they feel “relieved, relaxed and energized” after a treatment session. Some symptoms may exacerbate (get worse or more painful) for a short period (24-48 hours).

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Where can you use ENAR?

Anywhere on the body: Points-of-Pain,  Locally, Holistically on the whole body. Wherever Injury or dysfunction is felt or key-points or dysfunction are found (eg sticky points, which may not appear to be regionally related to bodily pain or dysfunction.).

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How do you use it?

Simple! Apply it to the body, Ensure good contact, Adjust power to suit (tingles), Treat the painful points. Drag it on the skin to find Sticky Points. They tell you where problems are. Treat the general zones like the three spinal pathways for more complex problems.

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Does ENAR truly work?

Three types of evidence convince most everybody that: Yes it really works!

  1. Scientific Trials Randomised Control Research completed in the West.
    Macquarie University (Sydney) Chronic Neck Pain Pilot study = Pain Relief, Functional Restoration, Sustained Outcomes 6mths +
  2. Clinical Research  14 years of clinical usage here in Australia / NZ Clinical Reports include an in-depth peer-reviewed and published study of 481 chronic case studies
  3. Personal Experience You can try it out your self. Or speak to someone who has.

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Several training resources, including the “Core Techniques” Training DVD, and “How to use your ENAR” full colour training manual, are supplied with every new ENAR device. (and the optional One Day ENAR Basic Certificate Day 1, and ENAR Therapist Certificate Training Day 2, with Addendum workbooks are also available). Also there is a Free Support Help-line ph 1300 305 107, also a free ENAR Users on-line Forum is open to members on the website. Of course there is no substitute for a complete live training experience. Certificate One Day Live Training Courses are available within Aus/NZ.

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24 months replacement warranty (not new for old), after that, repairs at cost.
After 24 months you can buy a new replacement ENAR at a discounted retail price
when you trade-in your old ENAR.

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Who are Enlightened Therapies?

Enlightened Therapies Pty Ltd are the sole authorised manufacturer/distributor and legal sponsors responsible for compliance, marketing, training, technical support, and warranty coverage of the ENAR Therapy System devices in Australia and New Zealand.

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