ENAR RMIT Uni Research 2014 Results A4 one page Brochure

RMIT University research study on results reported for ENAR Therapy device users. In 2014 RMIT completed and published a peer-reviewed phase 4 post-market surveillance study, on the results achieved using ENAR Therapy. Initially an in-depth survey questionnaire was sent out to more than 5000 device owners/users in both hard copy and by email, requesting ‘primary problem’ treatment outcomes. 481 useable responses were sent in by respondents via RMIT University computer on-line collection and compilation. Results were quite strongly swayed towards chronic painful musculo-skeletal problems and showed ‘significant and sustained results’. (This study follows on from the previous Macquarie University RCT randomised control trial for ENAR which was focussed on chronic neck pain, related disability and general health, which has also shown  ‘significant and sustained results’.)

ENAR RMIT Uni Published Research LINK

ENAR RMIT Uni Research Results four page Brochure pdf

ENAR Macquarie Uni Published Research LINK

ENAR Macquarie Uni Research Results four page Brochure pdf

Macquarie University randomised control trial using ENAR versus conventional TENS was conducted and published in Sydney and this showed ‘significant and sustained results’ for chronic neck pain relief, related disability reduction and functional improvements. These changes includied mental, emotional and general health’. (GSF 36 scale)

“ENAR has been successful in…..

  • Providing both short and long term reductions in neck pain intensity.
  • Providing short and long term improvement in patient specific function.
  • Causing clinically observable reductions in neck disability.
  • Providing both short and long term improvements in both physical and psychological parameters.”
  • ENAR – Pain relief that’s fast and lasts

    Tara Stevermuer (MAppStat), Centre for Health Service Development, University of Wollongong.

  • Extract : “ SO, IN BROAD SUMMARY…ENAR is found to be a cost-effective, long lasting treatment for chronic neck pain. The pilot study discussed here however is the first Western university randomised control trial of this type of therapy/technology. It does demonstrate the effectiveness of ENAR for both short term and long term pain relief and for functional and general health improvement.”