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The InfraBed Chair-Pod is our new 45 x 95 cm crystal Amethyst multi-layered thermal therapy folding chair mat and underlay. Your new light weight chair-pod boasts full power, time and temperature control, in a medium size for easy portability, and versatile uses as either a thermal therapy seat or flat pad or for folding round the body and limbs.


Your InfraBed Chair-Pod converts easily from underlay to chair. Most people spend a great deal of their days seated and this is a great opportunity to multi-task by self-treating the body thermally and energetically with the crystal Amethyst InfraBed Chair Pod at the same time they are seated. Also the InfraBed Chair-Pod’s light weight and folding ability can be used to wrap round the body, limbs or torso in a variety of personalised configurations.


Your InfraBed Chair-Pod, like all InfraBeds,  comes with a quality storage and carry bag. More importantly it comes with a 100% quality cotton quilted fitted cover and also a 100% quality cotton zip-up fully fitted sheet. Some users prefer a minimal cushioning or buffer between the thermal surface whist others prefer the quilt which enables higher temperatures and infrared emissions.

ENAR with InfraBed: Synergy Story therapist Kay Burman’s Mum

Kay Burman – Kiniesiologost, ENAR Therapist and loving daughter, writes … (April 2018)  My 86 yr old mum had the worst year last year with moving and selling house, hospital visits, including surgery,  a divorce, and then a horrible fall getting out of a 4WD, hitting her head on the road. The stress had really taken a toll on her mobility, mental function & general vitality. She complained of vertigo, pain when lying down (from a fractured rib), poor circulation in her legs, anxiety and always feeling cold. I treated her with the ENAR every second day focusing on the THREE PATHWAYS, then I used the ENAR electrode sticky pads on her rib cage, alternating with pads on her kidneys and legs.

Mum still had that grey look about her, so I purchased the INFRABED Chair/Pod. She used the energy blanket for a few times with the InfraBed chair pod, then progressed to just using the Infrabed by itself every night for about 3-4 hours.  She just loves it! Her colour has come back, her pain has gone, her circulation has improved, she is perky and now has energy for her passion – weaving.  I am continually amazed at what the ENAR can do and have seen first hand that the Infrabed actually works.  It has absolutely got my mum back on track for life.”