Endo Facts

(courtesy ACE – Australian Coalition Endometriosis)

  • Endometriosis is a chronic disease causing severe pain and infertility
  • 1 in 10 women have Endometriosis
  • Diagnostic delay of 7-12 years
  • 1 in 10 girls in Australia grows up with symptoms severely compromising their schooling, career path, social growth and ability to be productive citizens
  • Economic burden of Endometriosis similar to other chronic diseases (diabetes, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis)
  • The disease has variable presentation and there is no known cure
  • Endometriosis costs billions in health care, absenteeism and lost productivity. It robs women of confidence, motivation and ambition

Endometriosis and Period Pain

A reported 90% of women in Australia experience varying degrees of strong period pain. Statistics for Endometriosis, a serious, chronic and very painful condition, reports a rate of about 10% of women. ” The very sad news is endometriosis usually does not stop even with pregnancy or the change of life “.

The InfraBed infrared thermal therapy adjustable Endobelt is newly created to relieve pain and reduce disability. It utilises the principle of far infrared thermal therapy derived by heating grade A Amethyst crystals to produce the ideal infrared emission profile. It is thought the ‘ENDOBELT’ belt will prove helpful to those who suffer with endometriosis. Why?

Far-Infra-Red-Energy hyper-thermal therapy, penetrates deeply, gently, subtly and often produces an anti-inflammatory effect. There is anecdotal feedback that the InfraBed MiniPad (45 cm square) may have been useful,  and so this new InfraBed easy-wear EndoBelt (150 x 25 cm), with infrared adjustable heat range (30c – 70c), and InfraBed pad ( 52.5 x 25 cm wide), is purposed to be useful also with period pain and endometriosis.

Your InfraBed ENDOBELT is light weight, convenient, portable and also very versatile for painful disability over most parts of the body. No formal university research has yet been conducted or published on the usefulness of the InfraBed EndoBelt, so no anecdotal claims can be verified.

We can’t offer you a cure, but we do Promise You Improvement.

If you would like to try the EndoBelt to see if it is a worthwhile device for you, your family or patients, we as the manufacturers would like to make you a personal promise of improvement. So. Purchase an InfraBed EndoBelt, ($330 incl GST, plus delivery #20) and use it for up to 40 days, and if you have not experienced significant improvement, return it in clean and good order, by trackable post, and you will receive a full refund. Keep your EndoBelt and enjoy a full 3 year warranty, as well as multiple ongoing convenient opportunities to reduce pain and dysfunction, particularly around period times.

You will be able to readily self-adjust your temperature and adjust to wear your EndoBelt with placement, front, back and side, at those difficult and painful times of the month, without drugs.

NB Versatility – Whilst your EndoBelt is fully adjustable for pelvic, abdomen and waist you can also use it anywhere on the body you are experiencing painful disability. Its very light, durable, safe, and quality assured with our own manufacturers ET 3 year warranty.

Best of all we reiterate Our promise “We Promise You Improvement” That is: Return clean within 40 days by registered post, for full reimbursement. Your promise to us is to use it as per your directions like – start low – go slow

InfraBed ENDO BELT Now Here at special discount in December Price –  Pay just $330 incl GST and SAVE $110   Ph 1300 305 107

The InfraBed EndoBelt is our new Amethyst multi-layered infrared thermal therapy device. Endobelt includes an InfraBed mini-pad that boasts full power, with 30C to 70C temperature control, in an adjustable belt package for maximum portability, versatility and usefulness.