The 2 days Level One and Level Two works extremely well. I found it very natural, comfortable and sequential in learning. I completely understand now the value of doing ENAR first. Theory and operational basics, then protocols and practise!
Le-Anne Cunningham, Gold Coast, ENAR Therapist

Program Topics

  • What you require to become an ENAR Therapist
  • Reported Effects, Contradictions, Precautions
  • ENAR Strategy, Settings and Guidelines
  • Informational Cleansing technique
  • Lymphatic Wave technique
  • Urinary / Urological techniques
  • Collar and Abdominal Zone techniques
  • Palm Zones, Front and Back techniques
  • Triangles, Front and Back techniques
  • Symmetry, Reciprocity and Dermatomes
  • Ups and Downs technique
  • Abdominal Star technique
  • Sticky Pad and hand held Electrodes
  • Frozen Shoulder technique
  • Dynamic Key-Point Strategy – Application
  • Emergency First Aid techniques
  • Patient Questions /Answers / Consent / Waiver forms
  • Patient Management – History Assessment Progress forms

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