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The Nervous System: The Master System Dr. John Bergman "Everything is coltrolled by the nervous system. Every gland, every organ every single cell in our body does what the nervous system tells it to do. Shouldn't you focus on keeping your nervous system [...]

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The New Energy BioBlanket

BioBlanket® incorporates 7 layers including back to back Reflective Foils + Bamboo Fleece externals + Quality Cotton zip-up Cover + Negative Ions layer on this the Yang side BioBlanket® features Two distinctly different sides = (Yin+Yang) with 4 Distinct Purposes to help Protect the body [...]

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ENAR Training in Jervis Bay April 1 & 2

ENAR Training in Jervis Bay April 1 & 2 Train as an ENAR Therapist, Basic and Advanced in Jervis Bay on April 1 Basic and April 2 Advanced.  Realise more potential with this research proven and accredited device training STEP UP EASILY through ENAR Therapy into ENAR [...]

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Become a trained ENAR Therapist – Your never too old says Ivan

ENAR Training is at two levels - Basic Therapy + Advanced Therapist Realise your Career Potential - Competence, Confidence & Credibility Ivan Halbert, a retired WA farmer (seated front) is now is an active Bowen Therapist in WA and is 81 years young!  Ivan [...]

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