Paul ruptured his Patella Tendon. A complete snap!

Regarded usually as a young man’s injury, at 70 years young, it was serious.

The injury was dramatic, but the reconstructive operation was really traumatic.

The orthopaedic surgery was done on the Thursday. Back home on Friday.

These first pics were taken on the Saturday. You can see hematoma and swelling

So, two weeks after returning from hospital, working daily with ENAR and InfraBed, we can see here some great results: No Pain medication was used. Nerve numbness is reduced.  Oedema and swelling is almost gone. Bruising is almost all gone and, leg

Strength and Flexibility and Range of Motion are much better. There’s no agenda to fully extend flexing the knee so far, as this, like all tendons, is structural, slow to rehabilitate, and can take weeks to build full range of motion and reliable strength.

My leg can now weight bear, heels can lift off, and knee is working, but with care. I am walking on the flat quite perfectly, with a stick, but negotiating steps and ramps quite carefully until I feel strong and confident.  Amazing results for a Patela Tendon rupture. Very grateful for ENAR and InfraBed. Paul Keetley.