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ENAR Training Wollongong in NOV

//ENAR Training Wollongong in NOV

ENAR Training Wollongong in NOV

Train as an ENAR Therapist, Basic and Advanced in Wollongong NOV.  Realise more potential with this research proven and accredited device training
ET Wollongong Training –          ENAR November 26, 27 + 28colleen-therapist-trainer
ENAR Therapy Basic Day 1              Wollongong November 26,
ENAR Therapist Advanced Day 2     Wollongong November 27
Holistic Health / Integral Beauty     Wollongong November 28
STEP UP EASILY through ENAR Therapy into ENAR Therapist with Training

Realise more of your own and ENAR’s potential – Train as a therapist.
Live ENAR Training is at two levels – Basic Therapy + Advanced Therapist + Beauty
Realise your Career Potential – Competence, Confidence & Credibility
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