Train as an ENAR Therapist, Basic and Advanced in Wollongong NOV.  Realise more potential with this research proven and accredited device training
ET Wollongong Training –          ENAR November 26, 27 + 28colleen-therapist-trainer
ENAR Therapy Basic Day 1              Wollongong November 26,
ENAR Therapist Advanced Day 2     Wollongong November 27
Holistic Health / Integral Beauty     Wollongong November 28
STEP UP EASILY through ENAR Therapy into ENAR Therapist with Training

Realise more of your own and ENAR’s potential – Train as a therapist.
Live ENAR Training is at two levels – Basic Therapy + Advanced Therapist + Beauty
Realise your Career Potential – Competence, Confidence & Credibility
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