ENAR Training is at two levels – Basic Therapy + Advanced Therapist
Realise your Career Potential – Competence, Confidence & Credibility

Ivan Halbert, a retired WA farmer (seated front) is now is an active Bowen Therapist in WA and is 81 years young!  Ivan handcrafts guitars, violins and creates much much more.  Ivan has just completed both the ENAR Therapy Basic Training Certificate and the  ENAR Advanced Therapist Certificate training days in Fremantle and reports….

“I really did enjoy the ENAR Certificate training days. I usually learn much better with ‘hands on’ training like this. I now have a much greater understanding of my ENAR device and am now much more confident with my ENAR techniques. I am truly impressed with the results from my ENAR, the versatility and power of ENAR, and also the Energy Blanket.” 
Ivan Halbert, ENAR and Bowen Therapist, Mount Helena WA