ENAR University RCT Study Results

ENAR’s Research, a RCT Study at Macquarie University showed a comprehensive set of results that included Chronic Neck Pain, Related Dysfunction, Patient Specific Disability, and importantly, SF 36 General Health outcomes, from the 6 week treatment schedule with ENAR Therapy System 20 min treatments. Professor Rodney Bonello stated on national TV that he was ‘floored by the results’.  Not only did ENAR produce dramatic and sustained results when compared to conventional TENS therapy and a control group  but ENAR results sustained for a six month follow up period. The SF36 results for the ENAR Therapy showed holistic health improvements including Mental and Psychological improvements that saw the subjects rise to or above the national average for well Australians. Such appears to be the general health improvements. See the recently revised ENAR A5
results brochure here.