Energy-Glove-on-leg2ET’s new Energy Glove is just the thing for treating the whole hand, and also, for ‘hands on’ ENAR Energetic therapy anywhere on the whole body. The elasticised silvered glove electrode is built to either treat the wearers hand, or the patient’s body. Buy the glove online now – $45

Painful hands will rejoice when you wear the Energy Glove electrode and place a sticky electrode pad nearby. Tired bodies will rejuvenate quickly when the therapist wears the Energy Glove and puts the sticky pad on the patient’s body nearby. The Glove gives a more dispersed signal of stimulation as you work and so is more of an energetic treatment. The wearer can focus or disperse the energy depending on how you place and use the gloved hand. N.B. The wearing therapist gets no signal when the anchor pad is on the patient’s body.

Hands on therapists just love the Energy Glove, and so do patients who report real energy clearing and rejuvenation. There are also other silvered garments for leg, arm and foot