Sustainable health and beauty integrate in ET’s Cosmetology Training Day 3…. Integral-Beauty-banner-2





Integral Beauty Advanced Training 2013, revised, updated includes:

ET’s Philosophy and Practice of Holistic Health and True Beauty +

SKIN = Acne, Eczema, Lymphatic Drainage, Cellulite, and Scars +

LIFTING = Face, Bust, Neck, Arms, Stomach, Buttocks and Wrinkles +

HOLISTIC = Health, Energy and Emotional clearing and improving +

WEIGHT LOSS = Help curb compulsive appetite and other problems +

FACE LIFT = comprehensive rejuvenation treatment demo/practise

Book now – ET’s Certificate Accredited Cosmetology Training Day 3*   Integral Beauty & Cosmetology* Melbourne Nov 25   Integral Beauty & Cosmetology* Auckland Jan 18   Integral Beauty & Cosmetology* Sydney Mar 3