Find & Treat Keypoints

One theory is that since our health relies on the natural flow of electricity, energy and information within the body, it appears that stress, injury or disease disrupts these flows and creates what are called ‘Keypoints’ or differences.

Whenever the body has lost its natural integrating balance it manifests as what can be called an ‘Asymmetry’. An Asymmetry is an area in the body of ‘dis-integration’ or asymmetry, where homeostasis, the natural cycle of adaptive integration, is not present. Asymmetry is a sign of a blockage in the energy/information flow. Essentially an asymmetry is a difference. Signs of asymmetry include differences in skin colour, sensitivity, responsiveness, loss of function, and of course pain.

ENAR®  Therapy Strategy “find and treat Key-Points”

A Keypoint is a difference that represents dysfunction. An area of asymmetry may be very recent, Acute, perhaps a result of traumatic injury. It might be a more Chronic problem that has been present for months, that developed slowly. It might be a part of a complex set of problems, inter-related with other areas, involving a general more Holistic and long-standing condition. (Acute problems may often respond to treatment faster).

Whether Acute, Chronic or Holistic the ENAR therapist or ENAR personal user has just one objective – ‘Find and treat the Keypoints’

By probing and measuring the body’s responses the ENAR is showing where the asymmetry or difference in response is located. The electrical properties of the skin and its underlying tissues have very different properties when inflamed or injured, compared to normal healthy tissue. Simultaneously the ENAR is also interactively and responsively stimulating these areas so as to prompt the body to try to recognize, prioritise and manage a return to normal.

Under the influence of an ENAR device the asymmetry is induced to change, to enter into a ‘dynamic’ and this is usually the beginning of pain reduction and functional recovery.