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Quickly Relieve Pain &
Help Restore Function

OCT Special $910 incl 16 Pads + 2-way Leads & Delivery

OCT SALE! Buy in October, ENAR on Special – $910 incl 16 Pads/Leads and FREE DELIVERY ($75 + 20) – Save $175 on current list price (Save $375 on 2014 price)

ENAR On Special Package of $910 in total, (Saving $175 extra on current list price) including 16 free Pads and Leads and Delivery (Value $95)  $910 total – You will receive the new Green Light ENAR incl Full colour Manual, Training DVDs, + Ongoing, Free, Live, Phone, device and therapy advice. Ph Mere, Colleen, Paul   1300 305 107

You can buy ENAR Therapy System online: PayPal just $890,  (Add delivery cost min $20) (Two-way leads + two sets of 8 small pads included automatically – Value $75 ) Call 1300 305 107 

Every New ENAR Therapy System Device already includes

Mere HowTo dvds

Live Training Options

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Call 1300 305 107 or contact ET direct to place your order »

COMING SOON – NEW ENERGY BLANKETS #3 (in 2 sizes) – Single 120 x 200 cm and Double 220 x 200 cm will be here on November –  Your passive therapeutic Energy Blanket prompts the body to Balance by reflecting your energy back to you, as well as protecting your body by deflecting away outside energy influences at the same time. Give your Body and Mind quality, recuperative Time Out, anytime, to feel right at home. The Dual Layered Energy Blanket means more reflection, insulation and ease and we guarantee you will be feeling more Centered and Ready to carry on after!  The EB’s reflective surfaces create a restoring cocoon to help you rest, renew and rejuvenate.

INFRABED New Models are COMING SOON – Delivery early November

Call 1300 305 107 or contact ET direct to place your order »



NB. If symptoms persist, consult your health care professional.