ARTG 147761

Quickly Relieve Pain &
Help Restore Function

About ENAR

image The ENAR ® (Electro Neuro Adaptive Regulator) is an Australian Made hand-held therapeutic medical device (ARTG listing 147761) for both personal use and therapist use. The ENAR  is essentially a neuro-feedback stimulator that uses Interactive Transcutaneous-Electro-Neuro-Stimulation (TENS)  technology to prompt the body to respond to relieve pain and restore function. ENAR Therapy is safe, non-invasive, non-toxic, non-injurious and works directly and dynamically via its reflex stimulation capacity anywhere on the body.

“The ENAR device stimulates and measures the “reflex-biofeedback” changes in the skin and interprets the changes in the skin (skin impedance). In ENAR therapy, skin changes are areas of difference called “asymmetry” or “key zones”. These areas are where normal homeostasis is not present, or at least not optimal and so treatment focuses on these locations. The signals from the ENAR when applied to the body prioritise and amplify communication from the sensory nerve endings of the peripheral nervous system (PNS). This input is processed in the brain, which initiates a response transmitting the new information through the central nervous system (CNS) to muscles and glands to coordinate and regulate responses. Slower acting chemical messengers, such as hormones and neuro-peptides are also stimulated which effect more long term changes in physiological activities and result In pain relief.”  Professor Arun Aggarwal   Rehabilitation & Pain Medicine

ENAR results with pain relief and rehabilitation can be exceptional. See Research » ENAR has full construction, training, warranty and support guarantees and the ENAR purchase price is GST exempt.

What does ENAR do?

Based on university randomised control trials and post-market surveillance surveys plus hundreds more of individually reported cases we can say that quite usually ENAR Therapy relieves pain, and improves functionality, in a natural way, often with sustained results. ENAR can be used to treat a variety of painful conditions and in the randomised control trial was also seen to contribute in helping the body restore and maintain general health, including mental and emotional health. (SF36 Scores)

All About ENAR – TV Interview – Paul Keetley with Joy Hruby from ENAR Therapy on Vimeo.


NB. If symptoms persist, consult your health care professional.